bDES:240 sec 2

Visual Form



in Design

T,TH 12:40-4:00pm

Week One: Color

Tuesday October 20th

  • In Class
  • Review Syllabus
  • Presentation on: Design Principles, and Color Theory.
  • In class activity:Setting up custom process pages in Indesign and upload to cyBox. Exploring Adobe Kuler and other color pallet tools.

  1. For Next Class
  2. 1. Read over syllabus
  3. 2. Reading: Pantone guide to communicating with Color By Leatrice Eiseman
  4. 3. Bring 3 photos (digital files) to pull color pallets from
  5. 4. Fill out Survey

Thursday October 22th

  • In Class
  • Presentation on: Color Theory and Intro to Illustrator
  • Activity:Take 3 photos and create 6 color pallets with corresponding (feeling/emotion) Adobe Kuler. Create 6 square compositions using your emotion, design principle, and color pallet. Each composition will be made with rods, cones, cubes, and cylinders
  • Introduce P1
  • P1 Final Critique: 10/29 Due:11/3 by 5pm
  • Work Time

  1. For Next Class
  2. 1. PDF of color pallet and design squares in your process folder.
  3. 2. Take 25 pictures of collaged objects for P1

Week Two: Color

Tuesday October 27th

  • In Class
  • Small Group share photos of object collages
  • Activity: Start working with images, cropping in creating 10-15 cropped compositions.
  • Presentation: Photoshop Demo for color manipulation
  • Excellent resource for Color in Photoshop. Color for designers in Photoshop
  • Desk Critiques for P1
  • Work Time

  1. For next class
  2. 1. Color Print of P1 for Final Critique (Print full size 11x17 text weight)

Thursday October 29th

  1. For next class
  2. 1. Work on P1
  3. 2. Enjoy Homecoming

Week Three: Typography

Tuesday November 3th

  • In Class
  • Presentation: Typography
  • In class activity: Explore
  • Indesign Demo on paragraph styles
  • Create 3 Paragraph styles in Indesign save and package file.

  1. For next class
  2. Reading:Making Sense Of Type Classification (Part 1)
  3. 2. Find research on your book.
  4. 3. Start to do some visual research on typography in book design.
  5. 4. Final for P1
  6. a. Turn in PDF of poster to Cybox
  7. b. Bring color print 11x17 cardstock to class.
  8. Don't worry about process book yet.

Thursday November 5th

  1. For next class
  2. - Turn in PDF of P1 process pages on cybox.
  3. READ: Typography and Grids
  4. 1. Sketches of layout ideas with grids (30 sketches, refer to reading)
  5. 2. Collect text you will be using.
  6. 3. Conduct further visual research.
  7. 4. Pick Font Families

Week Four: Typography

Tuesday November 10th

  1. For next class
  2. Full sized color print of work for Critique with crop marks or border to show edge of page.
  3. 1. Cover
  4. 2. Title Page
  5. 3. Inside begining chapter

Thursday November 12th

  • In Class
  • Final Critique P2
  • Work Time

  1. For next class
  2. 1. Final for P2
  3. a. Turn in Packaged Indesign File, PDF of final and PDF of Process Book to Cybox
  4. b. Bring color print on cardstock, mounted on black mat board with 1.5in boarders

Week Five: Brand Analysis

Tuesday November 17th

  1. For next class
  2. 1. Research about your company
  3. (Company history, Logos, How is the logo used on signs, products, advertising, find ads for company)
  4. Check out the-50-most-iconic-brand-logos-of-all-time
  5. 2. Turn in 2nd process book update
  6. (color in class activities, p1 process, Typekit exploration, P2 process)

Thursday November 19th

  • In Class
  • Introduce P3 Final Critique:Dec 3nd Due:Dec 8th
  1. For next class
  2. 1. Finish collecting research
  3. 2. Start writing analysis
  4. READ:7 Killer Tips for Logo Design

Week Six

Tuesday November 24th


Thursday November 26th


Week Seven

Tuesday December 1nd

  • In Class
  • Introduce P4 Final Critique:Dec 11th Due:Dec 16th by 5pm
  • Examples of posters for P3
  • Work Time P3
  • --Desk Critiques
  1. For next class
  2. Bring BW print out of tiled poster for pin up critique

Thursday December 3th

  • In Class
  • Final Critique P3
  • Work Time (refine p3, desk critique for p4)

Week Eight

Tuesday December 8th

  • In Class
  • Turn in P3
  • Desk Critique P4
  • Work Time P4

Thursday December 11th

  • In Class
  • Final Critique P4
  • Work Time P4

Week Nine

Tuesday December 15th

  • Room 534, come early to pin work up (I will bring P1-P3 that you have already turned in. You need to bring P4.)
  • Final Review 12:00-2:00

Thursday December 17th

  • ALL DONE :)